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To serve God and make a mark in peoples’ lives that can never be erased.


  • This ministry is planting seeds of love, kindness, and Godly habits in children’s lives, for a brighter future guided by God.
  • To build relationships with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • To show love to people regardless of color, age, status, nationality, religion, etc.
  • To experience God by connecting with Him in a real and personal way

Our Core Values

  • We believe that God is Priority in our lives
  • We Believe that all people have been given Spiritual Gifts to work in the church
  • We believe that involvement with parts of the ministry is vital
  • We believe in reaching out to others who are in need
  • We believe in showing the love of God to the Lost and reaching out to them
  • We believe in connecting with other churches is essential